Estate Sales Information

Every estate sale is different, even after all these years of doing sales. And, keep in mind we don’t just do estate sales; we assist people who are relocating, moving or just down-sizing too!

When we first receive a telephone call from a prospective client, we will ask several questions in order to determine the needs of that client before we come out to the residence or property. For instance, we will ask is the sale in probate or trust, what is to be included in the sale, and of course what city is the sale (this is just an example of what will be discussed by phone).

It is best if the family or client has already removed everything they would like to keep. But, don’t throw anything out! Let us make that determination. We are here not only to liquidate the estate but to make it as profitable as possible.

After our initial contact by phone to determine your needs and if you do indeed have enough for an estate sale, we provide free no-obligation on-site consultation.  At that time we will discuss how we can be of service, and what those services will include. Once you’ve selected our estate sale services, we provide a contract to be signed by all parties.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind once you’ve decided to have an estate sale agent conduct your sale:

Discuss with all family involved that an estate sale is necessary so that everyone can agree and is on board. Determine which family member will be in charge so there is one go-to person to interact with the estate sale agent (if it is in probate that would be the Executor or Trustee).

Have family remove any items they know they don’t want sold so that when we come to meet with you the sale can be valued based on what we see (furniture to be kept doesn’t have to be removed).

  • Don’t throw anything out! Sometimes those old matchbooks, coffee tins or playing cards can be valuable collectibles. Let us determine what has value and what can be donated and or thrown away.
  • Unless you really want to…don’t give anything away. That old lamp that the neighbor says they would just love to have could be a Tiffany!
  • Specific items may be offered for sale in more profitable market or venue.
  • Just because something isn’t antique or vintage doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.
  • If necessary, obtain all keys from family, neighbors or friends so that access to the home is limited only to those you want on the property.

Those are just a few pointers in estate sale planning. Please email or call us for more in-depth information regarding our estate sales services.

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