Estate Liquidations and Household Liquidations

“What do we do with all of this?” It’s a question we at Fresh Start Estate Liquidators help answer all the time. Whether you are settling an estate, moving into a smaller home, or you just want to simplify your lifestyle, the liquidation of household items can be both frustrating and time-consuming. We provide our clients with a worry-free and quick solution to this and other difficult situations. Once your sale has been scheduled, we handle every detail so you can rest assured.


  • We have a knowledgeable staff with varied specialties, and years of experience in identifying and pricing everything from general household items to fine quality antiques.
  • We display the house in a neat and orderly fashion. We are not afraid of getting dirty and actually enjoy full basements, attics and garages! Please do not throw anything out without consulting with us first. Your junk may be another’s treasure. We provide cleaning, arrangement, and eye-appealing display of all items to be sold.
  • We provide reasonable advertising costs to our clients. You get great coverage for a fair price. Your sale will include newspaper advertising in local publications that will draw customers to your sale. We will also post on the internet on multiple sites to attract the proper cliental. We will also include coverage on our website with an extensive listing, using digital images of your “For Sale” items and a map to your sale location. We have a large following of regular customers and know the buyers of specific items you may have for sale. We take the time to contact each and every one of them.
  • We place our bright pink Fresh Start Estate Liquidators sale signs with large arrows at every major street and thoroughfares in your neighborhood directing prospective buyers to your sale.
  • We are hired to sell your items not someone else’s; therefore you will never see us filling your home with someone else’s property. Our prices reflect today’s market with the focus on generating the highest monetary goal we can obtain for you.
  • We can provide security and will have adequate amount of employees. Locked cases are also provided for high ticket items.
  • We will provide you with a certified bank check at the conclusion of your sale.
  • We offer complete after-sale services that provide clean up once the sale has concluded. This includes removal of refuse, cleaning of the home, and even arrangement and supervision of charitable contributions of your unsold items. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs during your initial consultation.

Call us at (813) 785-7750 or fill out our contact form for your free consultation.

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