A Fresh Start


Fresh Start Estate Liquidators is unlike any other company of our kind. We are  family owned and operated with deep roots in the communities we serve.  In addition to our regular sales, we are heavily involved in providing charity sales and auctions, helping local organizations and community groups raise needed funds. In the last three years, that has amounted to over $60,000. Because we are part of the community, we go beyond what is normally expected of a liquidation service.  


As our own elderly family members have passed on, we have personally experienced the full range of emotions and the exhausting process of settling their affairs. This has included the daunting task of liquidating their estates, cleaning their homes, preparing them for sale, and coordinating with family members. 


Our owners have a long history with antiques, collectibles, estate sales and auctions. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in a range of estate items.  From priceless artwork to ordinary household goods, we apply over 50 years of collective experience to get you the most money from your estate.  However, we treat your estate as if it were ours.  We understand that many of the items your are parting with have memories associated with them and we take care to find them a good home.


After the sale, we bring in our professional housekeepers to leave the home ready for a Fresh Start. If home repairs are needed we can offer referrals on handymen, painters, plumbers, and other trusted tradesmen. Finally, through our partnerships in the real estate community, we can help you list your home for sale. Our goal is to provide you with a single source for managing the closure of your estate.


Let our family help your family get a Fresh Start.

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